Taylor Swift




Taylor Swift on Dateline – Fearless Tour
Gerry House & The House Foundation
Paul O’Grady Show
SWITCH with Annie and Nick

2008 – 2009
On Air with Ryan Seacrest

Ellen Degeneres Show
GAC Nights
CMA Celebrity Close up with Lorianne Crook
JoJo On The Radio
Elvis Duran and the Morning Show

GAC Short Cuts


JetBlue – Live from T5 – Speak Now, Back To December, Mine
Live from T5 – video by audiences – You Belong With Me, Love Story, Back To December, Mine
Simon Mayo Drivetime – Mine, Viva La Vida (Cold Play cover)

Fearless Album Release Party at Taylor Guitar Factory – Fearless, White Horse, Change
CMT Crossroads: Def Leppard and Taylor Swift – Photograph, Picture To Burn, Love Story, Hysteria, Teardrops on My Guitar, When Love and Hate Collide, Should’ve Said No, Pour Some Sugar on Me
2008 NAMM Show – Teardrops On My Guitar, Picture To Burn
Kiss Country Chili Cookoff – I’m Only Me When I’m With You, Our Song, Should’ve Said No, Teardrops On My Guitar, Stay Beautiful, The Outside, Tim McGraw, Picture To Burn

Road to the ACM’s – Tim McGraw, Our Song
US99.5 Interview in Tour Bus – Teardrops On My Guitar
LAC 2007 Live – Loose Yourself (Eminem cover), Our Song, Permanent Marker, Teardrops On My Guitar, Should’ve Said No, Stay Beautiful, Irreplaceable, I’d Lie
LAC 2007 Live その2 – Our Song, Permanent Marker, Teardrops On My Guitar, Irreplaceable (Beyonce cover), I’d Lie
Live at Woodlake High School – Our Song, Tim McGraw, Should’ve Said No, Teardrops On My Guitar, Picture To Burn

Billboard Presents: Taylor Swift – Mary’s Song (Oh My My My), Tim McGraw, Picture To Burn, I’d Lie
Music Sessions form Studio C – Tim McGraw, I’d Lie
2006 Home Video – Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)

2005 NAMM Show – Beautiful Eyes, Your Anything, Your Face


13 Hour Meet & Greet
Fearless: How We Met Taylor Swift
A Hug From Taylor Swift – The Final Challenge
Behind the Scenes of A Hug From Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Wows Virginia High School Students




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